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Created by Tim Manley and Naje Lataillade.

Written and performed by Tim Manley.

Photographed and edited by Naje Lataillade.

Produced by Bonnie Blue Edwards.

The Feels is an online show with super-short episodes, released one-a-day for a month.

That’s 30 episodes total.

Instead of a big story arc, The Feels catches moments in the life of Charlie, a bisexual guy who’s got way too many feelings.

Tim wrote it to be true. Naje shot it to be beautiful.

It’s about what it’s like to try to get close to other people when you’re someone with all the feels.

It’s also about gender and sexuality.

We see the show like a live-action comic strip. Instead of a traditional narrative, it's a daily dose of humanity.

(Also, there aren’t many narratives about bisexual men, and that can make bisexual men like Tim fear he doesn’t exist. Does Tim exist? Is he writing this right now?)

Naje and Tim met as very serious NYC public school teachers.

Naje is a photographer and filmmaker.

Tim is a writer and storyteller.

Bonnie is a producer and filmmaker.

(Naje Lataillade is a Brooklyn-based cinematographer whose most recent film Victoriana won Best Narrative Feature and Best Film [Grand Chameleon Award] at the 2014 Brooklyn Film Festival. Modern Slavery won an Amanda Award [Norwegian Oscar] for best documentary. In 2007 he was selected by THE FADER as one of the 50 young filmmakers paving the way for the future of non-narrative film. Selected work can be found at

(Tim Manley is the writer and illustrator of Alice in Tumblr-land: And Other Fairy Tales for a New Generation, out from Penguin and optioned for TV by 20th Century Fox. His true stories have been featured on The Moth Radio Hour, HBO’s Girls, and in his sold-out solo show at the New York International Fringe Festival, Feelings: Because why pretend the show is about anything else?. He has a lot of art projects up at

(Bonnie Blue Edwards is a producer best known for The New York Times rave-reviewed "Helen & Edgar", as well as the LGBTQ short documentary Out in Alabama, Netflix’s Coin Heist, and the soon-to-release Change in the Air with Executive Producer Kevin Spacey.)

Season Two Cast and Crew coming soon.

Season One Crew:

Esther de Rothschild (Heart Compass)
Vanessa Galindo (Hair & Makeup)
Anisa Hodzic (1st Assistant Camera)
Clancy Karotkin (Lighting Assistant)
Dunja Pantic (Production Design)
Blase Theodore (Colorist)
Sandy Trand (Photographer)


Season One Cast:

Episode 01 – Ben Weber
Episode 02 – Rohan Sheridan
Episode 03 – Nicolette Dixon, Emmett Findley, Susan Kent, Dietrich Knauth, Victoria Scroggins
Episode 04 – Vinny DiSpigno
Episode 07 – Nora McLoughlin
Episode 08 – Emily Bradshaw
Episode 10 – Chris De La Cruz
Episode 12 – Peter Aguero
Episode 13 – Mariel Reyes
Episode 14 – Ally D'Antonio, Ella Moon Light-Rogers, Zander Nachamie
Episode 15 – Erin Barker
Episode 16 – Jack Gillard , Amanda Kibbler
Episode 17 – Meredith Talusan
Episode 18 – Cindy O’Neill
Episode 19 – Irungu Mutu
Episode 22 – Jeremy Copeland, Max Ruiz
Episode 23 – Esther Dionisio
Episode 24 – Vanessa Valerio
Episode 27 – Anna Drezen


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